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"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." – Henri Cartier-Bresson

I have been taking photographs for so long, I fully understand this statement. I started with a 35mm film point and shoot, and I would just take photos of anything and everything. But it's great, because not only can I see how far I've come as a photographer, I have a snapshot of 10,000 great memories to look back upon.

Let's go back just a little before I could even hold a camera steady.

I was born in Des Moines, IA, but I've lived along the East Coast most of my life, so I am more of a beach bum than a snow bunny in the winters (I don't really like cold.) About 2/3 of my life though has been spent in Florida, more specifically the capital, Tallahassee (and the surrounding area)

The beginning of my Photography "career" could probably be said to have started in high school (Wakulla High to be exact). I spent most of my free time (which was not much, with classes, homework, and drama rehearsals) out on the band practice field, takings photos of the NJROTC's Armed Exhibition team. My best friend was the team commander at the time, and I guess you could say that they were my first "clients." I even traveled to a few field meets (I guess I was also kind of the ROTC cheerleader :) )

Fast forward to my college days at Florida State.  (Update: for those of you that may also follow Jenn @ Peas and Crayons, yes, we went to college together and ran in the same circle. I've actually known her husband just barely longer than she has, through my boyfriend at the time. She keeps me in veggies and all things wonton wrappers. Love you Jenn!) 

I took a bit of a break in photography during college. Life got even more hectic, but granted, I could always still be found with a camera. It just wasn't as large a part of my life as it is now. Looking back, I wish I had been more involved with it (and even managed to take a class or two) but I wouldn't trade those other memories for anything.

I graduated with a degree in English Literature, and currently work at a law firm in Downtown Tallahassee. While that is my full time job (and what pays the bills 99% of the time ), Photography is my passion, and it's my goal to make that my full time gig. And if I could do it while living in NYC, I would pretty much be on cloud 9 for life.

Until then, I'm happy taking on projects as I have the time, and still always being "the girl with the camera." Finding beauty in unexpected places and things, capturing memories for myself and those around me, and enjoying the company of my friends and family is what makes my world a great place to live. 


So that's just a little about me! Feel free to drop me a line at mcintosh.photographyanddesign@gmail.com, or leave a comment on the blog or Facebook. 

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